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According to the New York Times a person to a person informed over the deal, Amazon purchased Touchco, founded a start-up out of the New York University Media Research Lab specializing into touchscreen technology. Touchco six people personnel – pulled up an eyebrow where its site was commissioned offline January and its YouTube channel been privately – is be merged with Lab126, which Cupertino, Calif.-based Kindle hardware division.. EReader buying Represents Amazon on track a touch KindleUsing no end in sight for said spectacle that taken by the publishing world into the last week – to it is day 7, and there is no cheap key on Amazon expenses editions of by Macmillan Title of in spite half-hearted promise of capitulation and rumors about original resolution – is increasingly clear that is the only respects has their time schedule Amazon own.Which why Amazon recent acquisition was in no way have be taken lightly.