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Microsoft said Friday its profit fell to $ 3, or 40 cents per share. Sales fell 14 % to $ 12,920,000,000thMicrosoft fell by 18 % during the last quarter, partly because summertime deferred revenue to make PC buyers get free upgrades to Windows 7, which started Thursday.

Earnings inequality Undercover BossThis certainly plays on Undercover Boss, $ 20,000 per year the most of the executives over $ 1 million per year. For example, GSI Commerce CEO Michael G. Brought appeared in the first season of the series, the home of more than $ 2.3 million in 2009. In comparison, the average customer service representative at his company $ 10.16 per hour or a little more than $ 20,000 per year. Rubin fumbling enthusiasm as customer service rep was fun to watch, but uses a certain pathos, considering the patient co-worker, the CEO informed by his error brings home less than 1 percent of annual salary of his boss.Popped: What You Must KnowSo what: VirnetX investors should be be ready to to abandon the other shoe, sending the stock as a rocket – in both directions. A win and billing on case, Apple would be huge, but defeat would crush the stock. A valid patent is a great start, however no guarantee for final victory. The only certain performance on this hyper – volatile bearings has either away and create option bets on volatility..

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So what: Round clock at 2:00 Eastern, the grapevine and message boards went name is to the notion that Apple had been request for reconsideration of request for reconsideration of a VirnetX States Patent. If true, this VirnetX a stronger mainstay in the infringement quarrel with the iPhone maker.