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We have over $ 30 billion saved for a rainy day, he said. Iran’s non-oil exports will reach more than $ 43000000000 in March. Iranian imports in the last 10 months declined five %. They say we want to negotiate That’s fine with us, we always ready and talks in the framework of justice to maintain to keep mutual respect, said Ahmadinejad. The Iranian nation will not withdraw even one iota of its way. I tell you frankly, if you , use the language of force and threat continue, our nation will not succumb to their pressure, said Ahmadinejad.

U.S. Stocks closed slightly on Monday as investors economy economy loses momentum. – The United States faces a ‘fiscal cliff ‘with the scheduled expiration of the Bush-era tax cuts and $ 1.2 trillion in automatic spending cuts – enough budget tightening the still weak U.S. Economy knocking back into recession.Data from the past weekly displays France unemployment rate related to a 12 year high the government is probably to make longer afraid around maintain employment within Petit Couronne.

He said that its low Performing tit Couronne plant in France, which has 550 people, was safely shut down in the process, but labor dispute at its became the movement of products.

Petroplus said there talking at an unnamed oil company to which new credit lines of and petroleum supplies is needed to avert bankruptcy secure.

Petroplus and its lenders and certified public accountant been for days disabled at meetings of and an created occur the beginning of next week after a key sitting this Friday, the insider said.