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Unbridled ‘s just try the last small independent publisher a subscription model. Open Letter Press, a house in Rochester who specializes in translated works, offers a season – based subscription: Five titles sell for $ 60, and 10 current and forthcoming books for $ 100. Featherproof Books last year launched a subscription-based printing, paper Egg books, with the aim only as many books printed as ordered by his $ 20-a-year subscribers get funded In 1 Day . And Soft Skull Press, Brooklyn, approximatedly generated $ 2,000 in sales in 2006 and 2007 for a subscription service. The program was canceled after an independent home Counterpoint bought Soft Skull.

Will cannibalizing a direct-from-the – publishing subscription model indie book sales or create a symbiotic relationship between the two strips of Independents? Summing believes subscriptions benefit booksellers while Unbridled one leg in the entire market. The subscription is a conversation about a conversation about our books, promotes early reading and therefore word of mouth, and I think that the advantages of both market segments, she says. Ultimately, I think this is the subscription revenue to go into bookstores. – UPDATE: Denise Oswald, current publisher of Soft Skull has DailyFinance alarmed that the Imprint subscription service has not been set, and that we ” re working on 2010 Themes now. .

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