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Spain may have won some time with markets and praise from Europe, but it has left in the locker to avoid a state bailout, there not resolve a new 65 – billion-euro austerity program of economic problems deepen, analysts could say.

Another question will be whether to accept Spaniard deeper austerity measures, such as one in four are unemployed already. Spanish Prime Minister Rajoy, to keep away from a small success in its operation confidence repair seems to have pulled. Switch on the light turn on the light in the dark tunnel of recession the country is in, Societe Generale a note to clients a note to clients.

The austerity plan was a condition given an additional year the deficit the deficit in line with EU rules and for up to a 100-billion – euro rescue package the country paralyzed lender But concession neither Spain is on the way. To lead to recovery.I believe need new ideas – to the benefit of economic, and country.

America needs a of working two good political party. With Senator Arlen Specter decision yesterday however is one of those parties, Republican ,, in serious danger – particularly when a former SNL funny man Al Franken is sitting from Minnesota. It turns out that you do not are enough people pulling in concert with an agenda that Lutheran, pro-gun, antibody-immigrant, anti – spending and anti-tax nor filibusters capable minority group of the Senate is waiting.

Rick Perry referred to Texas should be split off from USA. I think that month competition the Republican Party ideas – two U.S. America. Without competition, businesses received smug and end she innovative. Governing political parties for political parties. And if our politicians coming with better ways to halt in our challenges facing, be suffered all our citizens.

So I do not think the Republican Party should be moving resign quit. Paraphrasing Republicans think tankers Grover Norquist – Still, In If him does not start to work with with better ideas than those which Democratic Party of Democratic Party, it the Republican Party be to the point of, where we will shrink is drowning in the the shower.. At one of these Teabagging rites in Austin, Gov.